and it's nice to know they think we're pretty solid ourselves.

Sean Baughinteractive creative director, Matchbox Studio

I’ve worked with Doug on several projects, and his work and work ethic always impress me. From the first conversation, he just “gets” the communication need and delivers a terrific product quickly—with a creative flair that’s often missing.

Rachel Champagnemanager, communications, College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

Congratulations on your new name and launch. Your definition of alacrity as eager, responsive and cheerful definitely matches my experience working with you. It was a pleasure and educational. FYI, doubled as our Nursing Week go-to site, and we believe it continues to have legs. Thanks for your enormous help during that campaign.

Craig Cunninghamvice president, marketing, Seaport Hotel Boston

Doug Davidson is one of the best creative talents I’ve worked with. He and his team grasp the business situation at hand quickly and easily—sometimes even when we haven’t been very clear ourselves. They deliver copy and concepts that are not only interesting and imaginative—but on strategy and on target.

Linda DeWolfpresident, Travel Well.Do Good

Alacrity developed the identity and website for my new business. I was impressed with their ability to understand my vision and bring their own unique talents to the request. The results were spectacular and totally exceeded my expectations.

Lora Finucaneeducational programs and meetings manager, Illinois College of Emergency Physicians

When ICEP has a creative project to accomplish quickly, effectively and with maximum impact, we turn to Alacrity. We’ve worked with Doug on projects that range from a quick logo redesign to an organization wide rebranding initiative. No matter the scope, Alacrity has exceeded our expectations.

Patricia Geyerpresident, Hahn & Bowersock

If you’re looking for creative, eye-popping advertising and collateral, hire the Alacrity team. They listen to our needs, give 150 percent on every project—and they’re really fun to work with.

Todd Harbisonmanaging director, Trisul Group

We work with Alacrity because they’re great marketing people with the business acumen to understand what we do, ask the right questions and actively provide insight and ideas that measurably improve our success. Bottom line, Alacrity delivers marketing solutions that make sense to our customers.

Beth Lyonsmarketing manager, value-based care, Conifer Health Solutions

Thank you, Doug. We couldn’t have done it without you! I re-read every page yesterday and was so impressed with the consistent tone, voice and style throughout all the sections. That was definitely your hard work—so THANK YOU! We’re all very happy and excited—glad to get to share our baby with the rest of the world.

Janet S. McEwen, MA, CAEdirector, development and corporate relations, American Society of Radiologic Technologists

When I think of top-notch work on time and within budget, Doug Davidson and Alacrity are at the top of the list.

Nela Mooremarketing communications manager, UT Southwestern

The School of Health Professions section is, according to the developers, the model for all sections to emulate. It’s vibrant, engaging, compelling, interesting, succinctly informative and shows all the love it got on the front end of this process. Congratulations!

Gabriela Navejasvice president, marketing and communications, Sofitel Luxury Hotels

We want an agency that respects and really gets to know the brands they’re working with. Alacrity understands our brand and helps us communicate the messages we need to send.

Bob Nuttvice president, Zachry Associates

Working with Alacrity, I know I’ll get copy that’s on target. Concise, clever, technical—
whatever I need, the copy always hits the mark. It’s great to work with people who can take an idea and make it better—or even help steer a project in a brand new direction.

Kim Smith, LEED AP®director of marketing, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

We LOVED what you wrote. After reading the piece, we understand why you’re in such high demand. You are impressive, Doug.

Alice Acheson Snowdirector of marketing, SMU Cox School of Business Executive Education

We’ve truly enjoyed our working relationship with Alacrity. They meet and exceed our deadlines and provide invaluable insight to the creative needs of our business.